36 and Counting

It's hard to believe that Debbie and I have been married 36 years, as we celebrate that milestone today. I've always granted that I married above my station, and that's reinforced every day as I continue to see her through a filter of love and respect. And my prayer every day is that I will be the kind of husband that she deserves.

I hope that you are equally blessed in finding and loving your soul mate. All else pales in significance.


Eric, OUTSTANDING! Congratulations to you and Your Lovely Bride!

...er..uhhmmm...Cindy and I knew that. Hope you enjoyed your gift Sunday evening!! Congratulations!!!

Congrats Eric!

Congratulations, Eric and YLB!

Congratulations! :)

Congratulations to you and YLB. Obviously she is an exceptional and tolerant lady, and you would have excelled in sales. Here's to many more...

Congratulations to both of you!

That's awesome! Congratulations to both of you. It sounds like you are both equally blessed.

36 blessed years. Congratulations to you both. Go Dancing!!

I'm not feeling so articulate being sick and all, so the first thought that came to mind is awww! Couples like you are very rare and make me glad that I am waiting until I have what you guys have (rather than settle for the first guy that comes along). Okay, hope that came out right hehe - I'm very muddled today!

Congrats on 36 years! I've been married almost 8 and hope to enjoy as much happiness (and adventure) as the two of you have.

My eyes are deceiving me! I thought you said, "36" years. This cannot be...you were married at age 8??

Congratulations, especially to the Bride for sticking it out as you matured :<}

Yikes! I missed it! By a full week!

Many more blessed years to you both!

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