Abbye: In Loving Memory

Photo collage - Abbye


Very sweet. Hard to believe it's been a year already and this makes me realize that I missed the dates for memorializing our own two beloved friends.

I always stuff my log in, so I thought I'd try logging in with my google account! She was a beautiful dog and I was glad I got to meet her!

Forever in our memories.........!

We miss her, too. Driving down Godfrey by the park always makes me think of y'all walking her there. I remember the progression of her not wanting to go as much as she began to lose her eyesight. Her funny fears still amuse me as well. Be comforted.

Late to the show as usual but she was indeed a beautiful dog and I miss the tales of her antics. Hugs to you :(

Good dog ... stay ... they'll be along later.

I like Jeff's comment. She was a special little dog.

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