My Usual Great Timing

My new MacBook Pro was delivered last Thursday, April 8th.

Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup today, meaning that I got to use the new computer for almost five days before it became obsolete.

OK, that's a little dramatic. In reality, Apple didn't do much to the 13" model (which is what I ordered) except improve battery life a smidgen and put in a slightly faster CPU. Neither of those things* tempt me to repeat the almost 12-hour ordeal of reconfiguring a new computer to fit my workflow.

Apple has a 14-day return policy so I could just send it back, wait a few days, and order a new one. Or I could whine to them and they'd probably let me replace it (lots of anecdotal evidence where that's been done before for customers purchasing computers just before the new models were introduced). But I knew I was risking this exact scenario when I ordered mine, and the fact is that I need it for an upcoming business trip. I can't afford to wait a week or two (at best, I figure) to get a replacement.

So, I'm going to simply enjoy my new computer and do my best not to be envious of anyone whose timing was better than mine.

Besides, the new models will probably prove to have a flaw that causes them to explode, and who wants to deal with that?

*I do wish I had the new multi-touch trackpad, although at this point I'm not exactly sure why.


Try putting in the fridge. That's what I do to make my apples last longer.

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