TV Ad Yelling: Very bad (unless it's very good)

Funny how context changes things.

One of the most grating commercials on TV is the "Wow, that's a low price" spot by Staples. If you haven't yet been annoyed by it, permit me to give you the opportunity:

What'd I tell you?

But, using that same technique, the H-E-B grocery chain has created a hilarious and effective parody:

I like the way the ad actually refers to the first commercial (although it was probably necessary to do so in order to show that they know that we know that this is a parody).

In the end, the yelling guy gets booted from the store, something that would have definitely improved the original ad, albeit to the detriment of the message. But since that ad is so annoying, I can't imagine that it's very effective anyway. Although, I did write a post about it, so Staples has that going for it.

Of course, it could always get worse:

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