In pursuit of the wily Rosie

You think you're a dog person? You're not a dog person. This is a dog person.

(OK, it's really "these are dog people," but that doesn't work as well with the Crocodile Dundee schtick. You know, the one where they're comparing knives?)

Seriously, you need to go to Find Rosie (the link above takes you to the first it and then keep clicking to move through the story; it's almost like a Chapter Book! Only with pictures!) where you'll find things that will make you laugh, cry, and scratch your head while thinking "wha' the...?"

You'll also want to thank Molly and Colin (Rosie's people) for being the kind of dog owners all our dogs usually think we really are. Until we make them take pills or ferry them to the vet for shots, but that's mostly irrelevant.

I had only one question after reading Rosie's story: who has that many night vision cameras, outside of the CIA?


Now that, my friend, is persistence. And I love how they (seemingly, anyway) kept their sense of humor during the hunt...

Thanks, Eric! As for the night vision cameras, we borrowed one from someone in the network of people, previously unknown to us, who help recover lost dogs kind of as a hobby. Many work or volunteer at shelters and rescue organizations as well. Plenty of people reached out to us to lend equipment and support. Really good folks out there. The other camera we purchased from Bass Pro Shops. We've since sold it to our trapper/tracker (!?!), but now I'm kind of wishing we still had it. It's really interesting to find out exactly who visits your yard at night. (Answer in our case: tiny oppossum, lots of cats, lots of raccoons.)

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