In Progress Book Review: "Warriors"

I'm about halfway through a compilation of short stories and novellas entitled Warriors. It's edited by acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy authors George R.R. Martin (whose Wild Cards series I've been devouring whenever I can find a volume in e-book format) and Gardner Dozois.

The anthology is filled with stories that go beyond the genres that its editors are known for, encompassing historical accounts, current events, and crime thrillers and mysteries. The common thread is found in the anthology's title: people (or other living creatures) who fight...for their lives, for a cause, or for reasons that the reader must discover. The stories range from suspenseful to humorous to disturbing, but they're all top quality fiction and each is riveting in its own way.

This being the Halloween season, however, I wanted to tempt you with one particular entry, a novella entitled Out of the Dark*, written by David Weber. Weber is best known for his military-themed science fiction and alternative history novels. This particular story is straight-up sci-fi at its best, but with a twist. The plot line is similar to that of the 1984 movie Red Dawn, except instead of Russians invading America, it's aliens invading earth. And, as in the movie, the invaders find that they've bitten off somewhat more than they can chew, despite their advanced technology.

But there's a twist to the story, and while I don't want to give too much away in case you're interested in reading it yourself, let me just explain that the aliens discover that choosing targets on the basis of geography without considering history can be a huge strategic area, especially when that geography includes the rugged Carpathian Mountains.

As I said, I'm only about halfway through the iBook version of Warriors, but I can already give it an enthusiastic thumbs-up for those who enjoy well-written, action-packed fiction.

*In the course of researching links for this post, I found that Out of the Dark has been expanded to novel length by the author. Unfortunately, the reviews on are not generally kind (and they're filled with spoilers, so investigate at your own risk).

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