Damber Alert (aka "Doggie Amber")

Remember Rosie? Of course you do; how could you forget the wiliest, craftiest, elusive-est canine on the planet? Well, she's back. Or, rather, she's not, but her people's blog is.

Rosie's name is now Elsie, proving that...well, I don't think it proves anything, now that I think about it. I doubt that Elsie is playing this incredibly fun (for her) game of hide-and-seek because she has a different name than before. But who really knows what goes through the mind of a dog? I certainly don't. It's hard enough trying to understand the motivations of women, and then you throw a different species into the mix and the inevitable result includes infrared cameras and heartache.

Anyway, send good thoughts toward Maryland, because while I may seem to make light of the matter, Molly and Colin are worried sick and their little dog does not need to be on the mean streets, regardless of how much said pup is yukking* it up.

*I briefly toyed with the alternate spelling of "yucking," but that's a little too evocative of throw-up.


Thank you for the kind words! We're having our trapper* come out this afternoon for a first attempt. This is the same trap that worked last time, but we wonder if she'll go for it a second time. Right now, though, it's our only option. Fingers crossed for this afternoon!

*Yes, we have a trapper on call, much like the rich have their caterer or florist on speed dial.

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