Fredericksburg Fire Ant Sightings

Sure, the Texas Hill Country is overrun with fire ants, although perhaps the drought will knock them back a bit, as it seems to be doing here in West Texas. But that's not the kind of sighting I'm referring to.

Several folks were sporting cutting edge Fire Ant Gazette fashions at last week's family reunion in Fredericksburg, including the Great-Niece, The Nephew, and the soon-to-be Niece-in-Law. You'll note that The Nephew is modeling the avant-garde and highly sought after Missing Ant tee, while the GN is rocking the new Fire Ant Onesie (even though she's probably closer to a Twosie).

As usual, click on the photos to embiggen.

As always, you can get your own Certified Genuine Fire Ant merchandise (motto: "Cheap but not Inexpensive") from CafePress. I've reduced the markup on all merchandise to zero, meaning that I'm relying on sales volume to help me achieve my financial goals. I'm beginning to think there's a flaw in my strategy, but I'll be darned if I can figure it out. 

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