The Slab Mystery Revealed

Remember this? And this? A perceptive Gazette reader with an annoyingly sharp memory nagged reminded me that I had promised to disclose the true purpose of this enigmatic indentation, and so I shall.

The sunken area is going to be part of a media room in the new house, which isn't so mysterious after all, but I'm still stumped about the purpose of the design. It's just not a very big room, as the photo below shows, and so I see no obvious advantage to having a bi-level layout. 

If I can convince the owners that I'm not really a stalker (don't hold your breath), I'll try to post another update when the room is finished. Well, if Les will nag remind me.


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Uh. All those sleepless nights for nothing.

I will be waiting though, for the final report. Siri, remind me to nag Eric in six weeks, two days and 45 minutes.

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