My iPhone/iPad Feature Wish List

My iPhone and iPad are important parts of my technological life, both at work and at home. I no longer use a notebook computer at home, and my iPhone integrates beautifully at work with our Microsoft Exchange setup. I can even access work applications remotely via Citrix on my iPad (which I do a really lot - in case my boss happens to check in here).

But neither device is perfect. Well, actually, from a hardware perspective, both leave little to be desired - especially if I'm ever able to upgrade to an iPhone 5. It's the operating system - iOS 6, to be exact - that has considerable room for improvement.

I'm sure Apple is working on some of the bigger picture items, like a workable directory structure and a time travel feature, but I want to make sure they don't overlook some details that would, above all else, make me happy. So, here's a short and simple list of things to implement in the next upgrade iOS. Please make them happen, Apple.

  • An option to require a code to power off the phone - This would be an awesome security feature. If your phone is stolen, the first thing a savvy thief will do is turn the phone off in order to defeat the "Find My Phone" app and the remote erase feature. Requiring a user-specified code to shut it down, similar to the way one can set a code to unlock the phone, would prevent an unauthorized possessor (i.e. "thief") from doing this. Sure, he or she could still run the battery down, but that would still give you some time to try to locate the phone, or at least wipe it remotely.

  • A forward delete key - If Apple truly wants the iPad to become a legitimate alternative to a notebook computer, the ability to delete text backward and forward is a no-brainer. It's not always easy to position the cursor in the right spot to use the backward delete arrow; having a forward delete key would allow you to drop the cursor in approximately the right spot and still get the job done. How hard would it be to program a shift-delete option to accomplish this?

  • More control over sleep settings - I doubt that there is more than a handful of people who think that iOS's 2/5/10/15 minute and "never" autolock options are somehow lacking, but I'd like to have the ability to specify exactly how long I want my phone or iPad to stay awake. I listen to music during my 45 minute treadmill workouts, and I want to see album covers along with the tunes. If I set the autolock option to "never," I invariably forget to reset it and it doesn't go to sleep until the battery runs down. So, Apple, I want to pick my own live-before-lock duration.

Leave a comment. It makes us happy.

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