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Introducing Abbye Fabulous...

Abbye Fabulous Photo (22k)
Don't let the noble bearing fool you. It's not that's she's not ever-vigilant; quite the contrary. She's always on her guard, lest one or more of the following disasters strike:
  • a fallen leaf touches her, threatening to end life as we know it;

  • a dog toy gets tossed in her direction, confirming her suspicion that the world and its inhabitants are out to get her;

  • a water sprinkler is suddenly turned on, proving her theory that in the end, evil will always triumph over good.

In addition to these phobias, she seems to suffer from low self-esteem due to an advanced case of "dudley nose," the technical term for the snout discoloration that you may be able to see in this photo. The vet has assured her that it's nothing to be concerned about; nevertheless, it's always there, front of her.