Eric & Debbie's Home Page

Why are we here? And, more importantly, where is "here"?

Howdy, podnuh. You've stumbled across that little piece of heaven on earth known as West Texas (the "West" is always capitalized, out of respect). This part of the country doesn't seem to lend itself to indifference; you either love it or hate it. Those that hate it move to Houston, which someone once described as "living in the mouth of a dog." Those that love it, stay...and gradually acquire some of the characteristics of the land itself: openness, on the dry side, sometimes a little gritty and often accompanied by an abundance of hot air...with the pervasive, unmistakable fragrance of black oil. You may start out as a Yankee, you might migrate in from the Left Coast, you might even come to us as (bless your heart) an Okie, but if you hang on a few years, you'll end up as an honest-to-goodness West Texan, and proud of it!
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"So what's that got to do with anything?" you may well ask. Nothing, really. I just wanted you to be able to correlate something of the relevant geographical coordinates with the mystical URL that brought you to this place; more importantly, I want you to have a sense of the attitude with which this site was built.
Is that pompous and narcissistic enough for you?

Where are my manners? We've not been properly introduced. Mi nombre es Eric Siegmund, y mi esposa bonita es Debbie. I guess this is the equivalent of our homestead, cyberspace-style. Just us, a prima donna masquerading as a dog, and three meg of disk space on a server somewhere between the sandhills of Monahans and the Rattlesnake Roundup HQ's in Sweetwater. It ain't much, but it's home, podnuh.