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Original Western Art
Brent Siegmund, Fort Stockton, Texas

We got a saying in West Texas, goes something like this: "he's all hat and no cattle." We use this phrase to refer to folks that are what you might call less than the genuine article. This saying does not apply to Brent. He's got the hat AND the "cattle" to go with it.

OK, so there's not really any cattle. But there are horses, and any sane person would take a horse over a steer any day. The point is, Brent has been a working cowboy, and, until a broken jaw and ribs convinced him otherwise, a bullrider. He paints what he knows, and he knows a world that may or may not be disappearing. Depends on who you talk to.

And, by the way, he's not too fond of publicity, so we'll thank you kindly not to mention that you saw his picture plastered all over the Internet.

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