This isn't taking as long as I expected. The Gazette's new layout is falling nicely into place. Well, at least the main pages are shaping up well. Fortunately, I'm using a stupid-simple layout, but even so, deciphering Movable Type's complicated system of templates and widgets involves a lot of trial and error.

Still, I think we're getting close to the point where I can live with the look and start concentrating on actual Content Free® posting. I know you're breathing a big sigh of relief at that prospect.


I call it smart simple. I hate busy pages that make it hard to find what I want to read. Even worse are those that use 6pt fonts and lots of sidebar junk that moves or flashes and makes the page slow to load.

This looks really really good to me.

It doesn't say Janie. I may have a new identity, but,'s me. (I tried to comment last night, too. Same stuff, second verse.

Anyway, glad you're back...or we're back...or we can comment on your CF stuff.

I tried it last night, but, I'll do it again.

Since I've apparently forgot my movable type username and password, I'm glad the Google one works.

There are some days that I think my body would really like to have my head amputated. And there are days my head would really like to have my body amputated. It would be so simple if there weren't this thing called being alive!

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