Wonder what this is going to be? (Amateur version)

Update (8/5/09): Last night, I solved the mystery of this odd bit of construction, when I asked a local builder about it. He tells me that he thinks it's actually a basement for a new home that will erected at that location. (Unlike in many parts of the country, basements are rather rare in West Texas.) He admitted that it was speculation on his part, but he did know a little about the plans for developing that area. In consideration of the privacy of the potential homeowner, we'll keep his identity a secret. But if it's true, the new house will be an amazing thing to behold.

Our pal Jimmy over at MyWestTexas.com runs a periodic feature entitled "Wonder what that's going to be?" in which he drives around Midland looking for new construction and then identifies it. It's a valuable public service, satisfying the curiosity of many people and preventing them from being transformed into traffic hazards with their rubbernecking (and freeing them up to attend to more important driving matters like texting). Anyway, I have a new candidate for Jimmy to investigate:


This concrete "bunker" is located near the southeast corner of the intersection of North "A" Street and Mockingbird Lane. It's almost completely hidden from street-level view by the surrounding mesquite pasture. It's hard to get a sense of the size of the structure from this photo, but my guess is that it's about 15' x 30' in area, and about 10'-12 tall. There are no visible entrances and I couldn't see inside the structure to determine what it contains, if anything. I also didn't notice any piping leading in or out of the box. It appears that this "bunker" will be partially buried once completed.

Any ideas about the purpose of this mystery construction? Anyone?


'fess-up, Eric ... you and Your Lovely Bride are building your own Panic Room.

Hmmm...the ever elusive crazy deep and rectangular swimming pool of death?

Though I also like the panic room idea. :)

It's the new storage facility for the Gitmo retainees! Oh, wait. Are there any air holes? We wouldn't want to torture them or anything.

Hi Eric!
I vote for holding tank---for contaminates, used water, runoff, etc. Maybe a gas station with car wash is coming?

Oh! I know! They're going to round up all the s-n-a-k-e-s and put them in there and hold an airless cage match between the poisonous and non-poisonous (but just as terrible) until all have departed this mortal coil.

Well, if we plan to "retain" them in the U.S., "retainee" is almost as good as "detainee." No? Language is for sissies. ;-)

The property owner/developer is building his new home at that location. Although panic room, swimming pool of death, retainee/detainee holding facility and snake pit are all possible, my guess would be......wine cellar.

It looks like it could be used for isolating from view a lifting mechanism or production facilities for a wellsite.

It's a bomb shelter!

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