Just Anole Fashioned Lizard

Debbie was tending to the front flowerbeds yesterday and called me to bring the camera. Here's what she spotted on a photinia.

Photo of Green Anole

For a full-sized version of this photo, click here.

It's a green anole, a lizard that is found throughout the warmer climes of the US, but only infrequently spotted in our neck of the woods. They eat spiders, cockroaches and crickets, so they're quite welcome in our neighborhood.

Here are a couple more photos:

Photo of Green Anole
Photo of Green Anole


Did you have to go look up in a book to see what it was or did you know? I think I would have jumped when I saw it.

I forget...don't have to go to a book to look things up!

Ah, my favorite little lizard. When I lived on Galveston Bay, several anoles lived in/on the potted plants on my deck and I loved playing peek-a-boo with them. You could tell there were several nearby when a male started puffing out his pretty-in-pink throat. Of course, the darling anole is slightly less enchanting when it runs across your bare foot while you are sitting on the porcelain throne at 3am ...

---only infrequently spotted in our neck of the woods---

I'll have to check with Burr on that one. I have them all around my house. Sometimes in too.....

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