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For those who have subscribed to the Gazette's RSS feed, I have some good (or bad) news. We'll be providing the full post via that feed, starting today, rather than a short excerpt.

Over the years, a few people have requested that I do this, but I was hesitant to make the change for a couple of reasons. First, I didn't want to clog the news readers of subscribers.

Second, I wanted people to come to my website to read the Gazette. This was partly selfish, in that I wanted to see those visits reflected in the site's statistics. But I also felt that it facilitated the discussion because most news readers don't allow you to view or leave comments; you still have to click over to the website to do that.

However, in the Gazette's new incarnation, I don't even have a hit counter, much less a dedicated stats program, so I'm no longer concerned about tracking traffic. I do still have a concern about adversely affecting the dialog provided by comments, but I figure that if I write something that moves you to leave a comment, you'll make the extra click or two necessary to do that. At least, I hope you will.

As always, if this makes absolutely no sense to you, then you're not affected by the change. Carry on!


I will still clicky over. Though I'm not sure I actually contribute much to the dialog. :)

It's your not-blog-but-really-a-blog-kind-of-thingy, it should be all about you. Or zombies. Either one.

I'll be clicking over too naturally :). Zombies haha!

I kept trying to sign into MT - I have a username and password out there somewhere... but I've forgotten both. Sorry I've been so lazy! Weren't we just talking about remember passwords and such? ha!

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