Secret Menus

I guess I'd never thought about it, but it doesn't surprise me that some Asian restaurants would have "secret menus" that contain dishes offered only to those in the know, those whose palates are better able to appreciate the presumably more exotic offerings than the normal riff-raff. I'm not going to get into the pros and cons or possible rationales of having a secret menu - the article linked above does a great job of that - but it did make me wonder whether any of the restaurants around here have secret menus, and if so, who they're aimed at.

For example, does the Cracker Barrel have a menu reserved for true crackers (I use that term with all due respect)?  Or if you walk into a McDonald's in full clown regalia, will they present you with an alternate selection of fast food? Does Schlotzsky's provide a menu for those whose inherent dignity makes them refuse to order using the chain's terminally silly sandwich names? And how about Olive Garden...does it have a menu for people who insist on real Italian food?

I could go on and on, but I think I need a snack.


You'd think if anybody could get an alternate selection of fast food at McDonalds, I could ... or, at least my Uncle Ronald could ... but, alas, no :-(

Chik-fil-A gave free sandwiches for those dressing as cows. Maybe they were hamburgers! (The sandwiches, I mean.)

At Ginza and Kuo's you can have them fix what the waitstaff would eat...Steve does that all the time.


Not me. I'm a-skeered.

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