And yet another bug pic

We've were hit with a veritable plague of grasshoppers a couple of weeks ago. Occasionally, we'd pick up a hitchhiker on the car, including this one that landed on the windshield, and provided a rather unique perspective for a photo.

Photo of a Grasshopper


Eric, we get to carry those little critters sometimes for a couple of miles when we are on graveled roads, but once we hit a higher speed it is amazing how long they can still hang on.

Am I the only one creeped out by this photo?! Giant killer grasshoppers floating in the sky...would make a good B-movie. But seriously, that's an amazing photo. You sure can't tell there's any glass between you and the subject. Has the Entomological Appreciation Society of America contacted you yet? ;-)

Gwynne...that would be an awesome movie. But it would definitely also need Robots.

I have a good picture of a walking stick I found sitting on my car a couple of days ago. Your grasshopper looks fiercer, though!

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