Plucking Pomegranates

We picked our first two pomegranates this evening. The softball-sized fruit looked so red and shiny, we just couldn't resist finding out whether they were really ripe - or just looked that way.

Photo - 2 Pomegranates

Debbie halved one of them and the fleshy seeds certainly looked ripe.

Photo - Pomegranate halves

As it turns out, we might have been a week or so premature, but not being a pomegranate expert, I could be wrong. The fruit wasn't as sweet as I expected, but it was quite juicy and not at all unpleasant.

Pomegranates are a lot of work to eat. I suppose some people eat the seeds, but I prefer to just mush a mouthful around to get the juice and then spit out the remnants. Debbie mashed the rest of the fruit through a strainer (we don't have a juicer) and pronounced the juice quite good.

Our tree has at least a dozen more of the fruit in various stages of ripeness. It will be interesting to see how many of them ripen fully before the weather gets too cold.



How about a picture of the tree.


Oh, they've got a lovely bunch o' ... pomegranates? ...

I was wondering when it would be that I actually knew someone who had eaten a pomegranate. I admire your courage.

How do you eat a pomegranate? Do you eat the fleshy part,too? I bought one but then didn't know what to do with it after I cut it. It was rather sour and I ended up throwing it away. Someone thought that was 'wasteful' but he didn't want it either.

I like pomegranates, and I love the Pom juice. Those are beautiful specimens!

The images of your lovely pair of pomegranates look so waxy and shiny in appearance that it makes you think that they are artificial! Seeds remind me a bit like red corn. Nice coloring.

So you did have to stake the tree once the fruit started getting so large? I had wondered how the spindly tree I have could ever hold up fruit.
THANKS for sharing the pics!

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