Random Thursday - The Monday Edition

A few random thoughts while marveling at the human train wreck that is Kanye West.

  • For a variety of reasons, I watched the second half of the Dallas/Tampa Bay football game yesterday, which is not my usual way of passing a Sunday afternoon. Dallas won the game by a comfortable margin, but the game was closer than the score indicated thanks to a defense that did little more than take up space on the field until Tampa Bay's offsense made mistakes. I think the Cowboys' season could be a roller coaster affair, with their offense scoring at will while their defense allows the other team to do the same.

  • The subject of this recent report is Cliff Yeary, aka the kilt-wearing one-eyed blacksmith from Fort Stockton, my hometown. Cliff's dad was one of my Sunday School teachers, his brother a high school classmate, and his sister a former co-worker. His parents still live a couple of blocks from my parents. So, it's fun to see how Cliff's talent for working metal has played out. To say he's led an interesting life is a bit of an understatement.
  • Speaking of football, did you happen to catch the score of the Stephen F. Austin/Texas College game Saturday? SFA won 92-0.  The game was relatively close going into the 4th quarter, with SFA nursing a 78 point lead; fortunately, they got two insurance touchdowns to seal the victory and allow their coaching staff a sigh of relief. Seriously, though, the time of possession stat was even more amazing than the score. It may have been a misprint, but the stats showed that SFA had the ball for a tad more than 14 minutes out of the 60 minute game. That equates to scoring more than 6 points per minute, which has to be some kind of record at any level of competition save high school 6 man football. (At least the latter has a "mercy rule.")

  • From the "I think I'm flattered but I'll pass just the same" department. Over the past couple of weeks or so I've been contacted by both sides of an upcoming local political campaign to do the candidates' websites. I stopped doing campaign websites a few years ago, and I clearly state that on my own site, so it was easy to turn down both campaigns. In a community like Midland where everybody pretty much knows everybody else, there's very little upside to taking sides in a political campaign where there's not a gnat's breath of difference between the two candidates anyway.


Eric ... you're absolutely right about Kanye West. Elder Son rematrked, "he doesn't win anything, so that's how he gets people to pay attention to him." I think Elder Son may have something, there.

On the other hand, Beyonce was a class act, calling Swift back up to the stage.

The ads are great.

And why do I feel old and out of it that you know about the VMA stuff and I don't? (On the other hand...I still can't really dredge up enough umph to actually care, so now I really only know that something happened from here.) But every time I hear about Kanye, I just think of the cool mashup that a friend of mine's brother made of Golddigger and MaNaMaNa.

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