New Gallery Images

I've uploaded a few new images to the Gallery, including one processed with the new Mobile iPhone app. 


Lovely photographs, Eric. The pecan orchard is stunning. I hope they have a splendid crop this year (buying pecans is akin to buying gold).

One of the interesting things about having a bird feeder is observing the "pecking order" of the birds that come to eat. Most of the birds happily eat with other species, but some birds feed only with their own kind, usually at sunrise and sunset (goldfinches, for one).

But we don't have any red-winged blackbirds, and I miss seeing them---meadow larks, too, wearing their jaunty sweater vests. But for compensation we the Carolina Wrens, and it is one joyous little bird. I wish I could get the wrens, meadow larks and mockingbirds together for a concert :)

Eris, GREAT images. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look for that app for my iPhone.

I have quite a few photo apps on my iPhone, The one I like the best in Photo FX from Tiffen filters. Tiltshift is one I've been playing around with, makes things look like they are miniture.

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