Butterfly and Flower

I failed in my quest to get better photos of the snapping turtle, but I was determined to bring something back in my camera. When I took this photo, I had no idea it would turn out as beautiful as it did. The wind was blowing and the autofocus on my zoom lens wasn't cooperating, so I focused manually, took a breath, and hoped that I captured the scene without too much blur.

Photo - butterfly on yellow flowerPhoto - butterfly on yellow flower

I should try manual focus more often. ;-)

(Who am I kidding? This was pure luck.)


I'm learning more and more about the manual stuff. I've only ever really used the automatic features but I'm experimenting now with non auto stuff ie aperture like in the cheetah photograph I took at the zoo.
Anyway, excellent shot!

Such artistry! How fortunate for us that you captured it!


That is a beautiful butterfly, and the shots are awesome.

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