Debbie was watering the plants on the front porch when she heard a tapping sound. She looked up and spotted the source: a ladder-backed woodpecker working its way up the trunk of our neighbors' red oak tree. We don't see many woodpeckers around here, so it was definitely a photo opportunity.

In the second photo, you can easily see the pockmarks the bird was leaving in the tree bark.

Photo of a ladder-backed woodpecker
Photo of a ladder-backed woodpecker


We have one of those...he likes the beam trellis on our deck. Dingaling. :)

Our outdoor archery range has two 50 gallon drums for trash. One morning I heard brrrnnngggg, brrrnnngggg, brrrnnngggg -- it took me a minute to locate the source. A woodpecker was sitting on a trash barrel jack hammering away at the rim. Must of had an iror deficiency - ha.

IRON, not iror!

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