Random Thursday

Assorted inconsequentia while considering the potential* irony of this 1962 magazine ad from Humble Oil (one of the predecessors to Exxon):

  • Without meaning to brag, I think my wife and I are extremely reliable people. We fulfill our commitments; we do what we say we'll do. And so it is with great embarrassment that I confess that both of us forgot last night to attend a board meeting that has been on our calendars for weeks. Fortunately, we weren't needed to make a quorum, and neither of us had pressing items on the agenda, but it's still humbling to realize that all the organizational tools in the world don't necessarily compensate for the basic human shortcoming known as forgetfulness.

  • I love these ads for Disney's Star Wars Weekends, which took place earlier this year. My favorites are the two that feature Darth Vader.
  • Would the Gazette be more compelling reading if it was formatted like this? (Yes, I realize that some things are beyond help. Thanks for pointing that out.)

  • Via VideoSift, the following vid shows a Japanese men's gymnastic team doing a floor routine. The synchronized tumbling routine about 2/3rds in is nothing short of amazing. But what I'd really like to see are the outtakes from the practices.

*I refer to the irony as "potential" because I'm still skeptical about the science behind so-called "global warming." Ask me again in 100,000 years and I'll have a better feel for it.


Did you also see this bit of analysis re: the Humble Oil ad? Some people clearly have too much time (and ENERGY...pun intended) on their hands.


At the very least, global warming or not, you gotta admit that we have come a long way from such truth in advertising. ;-)

Eric I think the Gazette already provides more compelling reading than, say, MY blog ... and I have the readers' reactions to prove it! Yesterday, I posted what I thought was a good take on the flap over the president's bowing ... and all I get is a note from some anony-mouse, that I misspelled the president's first name.

Eric, if I end up killing myself over all this, would you please get a picture of it and post it on YOUR blog? Now THAT would be compelling!


Eric, regarding changing technology and changing weblog habits, I think you've nailed it ... but then, you usually do.

I would come to your blog less if you designed it that way. But I did enjoy the letter about how bad AA's website is. I agree and only fly them when I have to because - you guessed it - the whole experience is dismal.

I'm glad to know you read my blog...content or no, as you say...since I'm still considered "local".... I've missed your funny comments! But so understand the efficiency of how you read...

i need to further simplify my blog, as well. I've just not taken the time. Some blogs take way too long to load, but I don't think mine is one of them.

I looked at it tonight and went "blehhhhhh".

Love the tumbling videos..that's amazing!

Loved, loved the men's gymnastics tumbling routine. As far as the out-takes, I think I saw some of them during my coaching years!!

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