This one's for you, Bud

All of you are free to visit this website, just as long as you realize that the link is really provided for my Uncle Bud. (Note: It's a Flash site, so if you have deleted Flash from your computer -- as I have -- prepare to see...nothing.)

Click and drag, and drag. Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey, thanks Eric. This is not as good as the first link that you sent to me, but I like it very much. Just to let you know that you
have made my day. Thanks, again.
Could or would you send me the link via e-mail?? I want to put it
on my favorite list on the computer.
Have a nice day.

DANG! That's really groovy!

I think my head just exploded.

The 2 year old loves it...and I'm all for things that keep him fascinated and interrupt the beginnings of a tantrum. :)

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