Dangerous Roads

The Simon Seeks travel blog has an interesting compilation of what it calls The world's most extreme and dangerous roads [Link via Twisted Sifter's Twitter feed]. As you might expect, most of the roads and highways are found in mountainous and/or so-called third world locations, and I don't doubt for a second that driving them is a harrowing experience.

However, as this post at Sleepless in Midland points out, one doesn't have to travel outside the city limits to encounter truly horrific road conditions.

And, as far as requiring nerves of steel for responsible drivers to navigate, I would also match up any residential street within ten blocks of either Midland high school around lunch time with any of those roads in the Simon Seeks post.


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Not even related but since this is your area and it's driving me crazy you're my go to guy. What is with the new CNN design? It's the font size more than the design I guess that's bothering me. Am I just getting old, am I missing some large print setting or do they want me to come visit less?

Good morning, Eric. I notice that my comment for your post on the Chinese 'Tiger Woods' video ended up here ... which is I it makes even LESS sense than my usual comments.

As for THIS post, I have proclaimed George a Sinkhole Correspondent, First Class ... he really has provided us some great coverage. I go through/around that intersection daily, often on multiple occasions (with one of the boys attending SJ), and I can't belive the trouble - and the fences, and the signs - that woman had to go through to get her car down in that hole.

You obviously saw through that. The wishy-washy hedging language was all mine. Cops on the scene were very emphatic.

Also, maybe it takes a side trip to discover a shortcut.

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