Tiger: The real story!

The US tabloid media has a lot to learn from the Chinese. Here's a computer graphic-enhanced report of how the "Tiger Woods Incident" really went down.

Hey, if you can't believe Chinese CG, what can you believe?


Thanks for reminding me of my time in China!! :o) That was awesome. :o)

I think that's all true...if is on the Internet. Tiger better watch out, I think next year is the Chinese "Year of the Sand Wedge".!!

Tiger Woods certainly did talk a fantastic game in the media conference with regards to becoming much more respectful to the game of golf, yet his acts spoke considerably louder than his words the moment he skipped the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Woods could have generated so much good will by simply doing the tournament. Arnie would likely have succesfully done nearly anything which he could have for helping present Tiger in the best light, however on the other hand Tiger decides to dismiss the legends of this game and do his individual thing. All the best with the Masters, Mister Woods. Congratulations to Ernie Els, and also I hope you will do well in Augusta.

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