Gallery Additions - Snowfall Images

Yesterday's snowfall was relatively light and short-lived, but I got out early and snapped some photos to document the rare phenomenon. There are about a dozen new images up at the Gallery, including bigger versions of these two:

Photo - snow covered stream
Photo - snow on lily pad flower


Eric, I was wondering if we would get some pictures of your trek through the snow. Good job, as usual.

Your pictures mean more to me since I was there in October and can place where you are. I still am so happy we stopped for the visit!

The palm tree photo is fascinating. Startling. I love it!

Eighteen years ago this comming January, we relocated to Montana from Midland. I distinctly remember that early morning cab ride to the airport -- wasn't sure we would make it -- must have been 4 to 6 inches of snow overnight, the roads were a mess. Ironically, there was no snow on the ground in MT when we arrived. Enjoy your great weather -- supposed to be 20 below tonight ambient with 33 below windchill -- tomorrow night about the same -- should warm up a bit next week.


Yeah, it's been 18 yrs -- time does fly. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute (well almost - company related political stuff excluded) we lived in Midland. Montana is great, snow removal is getting to be a drag though.

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