Random Thursday

OK, so where were we? Oh, yeah...that's right...I lost two full days to a colonoscopy (and in a post-procedure drugged stupor asked my wife if she wanted to go shopping for gas logs). But enough about that...

  • I'm not a "cat person" (science is on my side in that regard, by the way), but I have to admit that the "Simon's Cat" series of animations on YouTube seems to be a perfect representation of all that's intriguing about felines. Here's one example:

  • Here's an article that provides some trivia about fonts and typography, but you don't have to be a font freak to appreciate it. It even has a movie about fonts in movies...well, movie posters, but that's close enough.

  • And speaking of architecture -- just kidding; we weren't, but we are now -- here are three odd examples:

  • And speaking of steampunk, here are some great uses for old hard drives.

  • Boeing's long-awaited 787 "Dreamliner" is no longer just a dream, as model ZA001 made its maiden voyage yesterday around the Puget Sound area. Here's an interview with the fortunate guys who got to pilot the jetliner on its initial test flight. The plane's exterior design has some striking elements, including serrated engine cowlings that assist in noise reduction.

  • When I saw this article, I immediately thought of my pal Bob Westbrook, who is also working to make a go of it as a farmer after many years of being, well, a non-farmer. I suspect farming the Virginia countryside is a tad easier than turning the sandy soil of West Texas into an oasis, but I'm sure all farmers face many of the same challenges.

  • I've made the conversion to e-books, but I'm just not ready to do the same with newspapers. Nice try, though.

  • If you own an iPhone, Pastebot's clipboard management capabilities will save you a ton of time (and several tons if you also have a Mac, as its free companion Pastebot Sync allows two-way copy-and-paste between phone and computer [as long as you have access to a WiFi connection]).


Hope everything is ok? What are gas logs by the way?

Nothing like a cocktail of fentanyl and propofol to make you remember to shop for those gas logs.

Hope that everything was optimal during your scan. The doc discovered a malginant tumor on the lower end of the GI tube almost two years ago. I'm thankful that I decided to have the colonoscopy instead of getting new glasses.

The older we get the easier it is to have these types of odd moments,that we just can't remember later on. Something about the brain physiology and the rate at which these drugs are able to cross the blood brain barrier.

I remember chucking about the things that my Dad went through post surgically a few years back. Evidently I had some strange episodes myself which involved downloading some jpg files out of my stomach. Evidnetly my wife in jest pressed my chest and said,.."Done". Somehow that I believed her.

Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2010 to you and yours.

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