Blogging will continue until morale improves

What...are you still here? You must have the patience of Job. You do realize, don't you, that I killed off the Gazette? And not just once, but at least fifty times, and that was just last week.

Darn thing keeps coming back to life, though. Rob Zombie would be proud.

I'm glad that one of my New Year's resolutions wasn't to blog more often, as that would be yet another lack of accomplishment to feel guilty about.

It's not that I don't have anything to write about. If anything, life has been overly dramatic during the past few weeks. We've had births in the family, and deaths, illnesses and operations, disrupted routines and far too many football games. But most of those things are too personal to write about, in this forum anyway, and the rest seem too trivial in comparison.

[Editor's note: What happened to your distaste for blogging about how hard blogging is? You do realize that you sound all whiny and pitiful. Yeah, well, thanks for pointing that out. But since I am all whiny and pitiful, it seems appropriate to do this. Fine; just don't make it a habit.]

I'm too stubborn to give up; I've never let a lack of meaningful content or talent stop me before and I'm not going to start, um, stopping now. If the Cowboys can win a playoff game, the least I can do is throw up a post every now and then. (I don't mean that literally, of course; I rarely ever throw up while blogging. I leave that to my readers.)

OK. Well. I'm glad we've got that out of the way. Look for more frequent blogging in the near future.

I almost typed that with a straight face.


I will read anything you throw on the Blog just as long as you throw
something on.
I enjoy reading what you write, even if some of it is way above my
Keep up the good work.

Now see, it seems to me that actually throwing up while blogging would open new doors for your photography and photoshopping hobbies...on the other hand, let's forget I said that.

With Bud, I'll read anything you put here, comment on more than you'd probably prefer I commented on, and miss you sorely during extended absences.

They don't havethose things up here is Salt Lake City. What do I do

The sisters tell all the time what's wrong withe me, but I don't

Let's just face it, Gazette readers are extremely loyal creatures! Hope you are sufficiently recovered from the last couple of weeks :).
The New Zealand Contingent!

Why, Eric, I can't imagine someone giving up on blogging ... ... really, I can't ... ... really!

Having only recently entered the blogosphere, I thoroughly enjoyed (and related) to this. I actually did set a goal of posting at least once a week -- and a deadline is fast approaching. I am inspired! (The negative book review helped, too!)

It'll be a sad day for many of us if you ever REALLY stop blogging!

Eric, it is evident that I'm not the only one that missed your blogging. I even like it when it is about the weather! I'm going to attempt to do a book review for our book club on Half Broke Horses. Have you read that? I am NOT a reviewer.

Like the others, I'll read anything you throw up here. Thanks for coming back and I hope all is well (better, at least) for you and your family.

Eric, I'm still at the stage of trying to get past writer's block that stemmed largely from perfectionism, so if I wait until I write something I'm proud of to post, I won't be posting. I enjoy that your blog is an interesting mix of topics. And the comments are pretty entertaining, too!

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