Caged Weed

If you think tumbleweeds are mild-mannered critters with no agenda, you've got another think coming. You cannot begin to imagine the epic struggle it took to corral this one. (Word to the wise: never get between a lone tumbleweed and its herd.)

Tumbleweed in a cage

Of course, the difficult decision is now what to do with this one. The humane thing would be to put a shotgun to its head, but given the difficulty of locating said head and the problems of dealing with a wounded 'weed have made it just about impossible to find anyone around here willing to volunteer for the task. Your ideas are welcomed.


Remember the scene from the movie Hud, where the men drive the diseased Mexican cattle into a deep pit and shoot them? Think flame-throwers.

2 songs -
Tumblin with the tumbleweeds
Don't fence me in

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