A New Year "Crane" for Good Luck

According to Asian tradition, the crane is a bird of good luck and long life, and further, if you fold one thousand origami cranes you'll be granted a wish.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a photo of a great egret* equivalent to folding a thousand pieces of paper? I obviously can't say for sure, but this fellow was a great photo subject on the first day of the new year, and if he wants to be the bearer of good luck, we'll take all he can carry.

*I think this is a great egret; I'm open to correction from any true birders out there. Whatever he (she?) is, he's a frequent visitor to our ponds during the winter. The ducks seem a bit indignant at his presence. I suspect the fish have somewhat stronger feelings, but I could be anthropomorphizing.


Eric, I love these pictures. So simple and yet so majestic. I love seeing these birds. You do a great job capturing them on film.

Perfection in all its glory! Reminds me of the picture on the cover of the book "Johnathan Livingston Seagull."

Eric, I don't know if it's a great egret ... but I DO know these are great shots of an egret! Thanks for sharing.

That bottom photo is breathtaking. It looks like something from National Geographic.


Beautiful pics. As a frequent visitor to FL, I have to wonder what the heck is that bird doing here and not at my in-laws? :) We have enjoyed it at the pond this week.

Geoff, FL expert, says it's an egret or an albino heron. I am not a bird watcher but looked in a book and it doesn't look like either has migration pattern in west Texas. I think I might call Burr. Thanks for sharing!


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