"Snowpocalypse," West Texas Style

We Texans pride ourselves on our fierce, independent toughness, able to overcome any obstacle with aplomb.

Any obstacle, that is, except for 3" of snow.

I'm sure every West Texas-originated blog will carry reports of the snowfall that now blankets our area. That snowfall has practically shut down all public activities, including all local schools (college classes are starting late) and many government offices. Loop 250, one of our major thoroughfares, is now closed. Interestingly, all flights from Midland International Airport are still listed as on time.

Also, for the first time ever, my wife's office is closed due to the weather, something that I'm sure will be greeted by amusement at their Denver headquarters.

I'm also sure that our friends from the northeastern part of the US will also be amused at our reaction to what for them is hardly worth mentioning.


I'm not laughing. Really, I'm not.

Yeah, the 4' pile of dirty old snow in my front yard is looking askance at your 3". =)

Enjoy it!

When we moved from Midland to Montana (Jan 1992) there was more snow on the ground in Midland than in Montana. The cab ride (to the airport) was memorable.

If I remember correctly, the snow is preferable to the "Wadley River" .

Ment to comment on your San Diego trip. After 3 yrs in the Army (1967-1970), my wife and I were married and spent 10 yrs in San Diego. We both graduated from San Diego State (tuition was $50.00 for a full semester load (1970 - '72). Our two children born there. My wife's grandfather was a retired admiral and lived on Coronado Island (from like 1926). I remember the wonderful backyard, the two avacado trees, and many evenings playing bridge with his friends. He was an interesting character -- we went on many trout fishing trips with him -- Northern Calif and Montana. He lost one son at Pearl Habor and my wife's father was a prisoner of war of the Japanese during WWII. Nancy (wife), our children, and the grandchildren went back this last summer. Visited Sea World, the Wild Animal Park, San Diego Zoo and Disneyland. Had a wonderful time.

Those were much different times in Calif -- OK place to visit -- wouldn't want to live there now.


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