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I was driving north on "A" Street this morning, returning to the neighborhood after a quick run to the bank, and caught a flash of movement across the road. I pulled over, grabbed the little Sony point-and-shoot that I keep in the car for just such occasions, and got this:

Photo of a wild turkey
Photo of a wild turkey

Yeah, I know; it looks like the Loch Ness monster but it's actually a wild turkey. I've never seen one around Midland. I apologize for the lack of detail in the photos but this bird was quite skittish and my camera was maxed out. Anyone else ever seen a wild turkey this close to the Midland city limits?

Another cool thing. When I got out of the car to take the second photo, I glanced down and spotted this wildflower:

Photo of a wildflower

It has a vague resemblance to a bluebonnet, but the color is amazing. I was as impressed with the flower as I was with the bird.


Anyone else ever seen a wild turkey this close to the Midland city limits?

Only at Pinkies back in my drinking days.
Thats a good sign....and a little strange since they like to roost in tall trees and those are mostly located in town, around the Midland area.

Turkeys like to roam in the spring. We sometimes see several hens and a tom crossing our farm. They come from the timber several miles away. They really are pretty in spring. Do you know what the flower(weed)is? Maybe Fetch?

Fetch is something they used to grow a lot of around here and cut for hay.

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