Random Thursday - The Friday the 13th Edition

Can't believe it's already Friday. Seems like yesterday it was only, well, Thursday. Anyway, before we get too cocky, don't forget that it's only three days until Monday.

  • I'm sorry, but if you're intentionally running your sprinkler system on an established lawn in the middle of a West Texas August afternoon, you're either ignorant or an idiot*. I can help solve the ignorance (it's simple...quit doing it!) but I'm afraid there's no cure for the latter. Water's just too precious out here to be wasting 30-40% of it to evaporation.

    *If there's a third option, please enlighten us. As I said, ignorance is curable.

  • I just finished a bike ride, managing to get out before the heat of the day (but not beating the humidity!). Fifteen miles in 50 minutes, meaning that I hit my normal goal of an 18 mph average. Could have been faster if it weren't for all those pesky cars that made me stop at intersections. Anyway, the highlight of the ride was on the return leg, with a slight tailwind and smooth pavement, and catching a draft behind a UPS truck; I hit 28.5 mph and beat a BMW SUV to the neighborhood turn-in.

  • A TV show entitled World of Whitetail is on Versus as I type this. This is a hunting show, focusing on whitetail deer. I've never watched it before, but I confess that I fail to find it riveting. As much as I intellectually understand the importance of hunting deer, watching as a bullet hits a trophy buck and seeing him drop and twitch until his heart stops (or, worse, run off into the brush before dying) makes me slightly nauseous. Of course, I can't watch Bambi, either, so perhaps I'm emotionally flawed. (The kill I just saw was made worse by the fact that the deer was strolling down the middle of a dirt road when the fatal shot arrived from a nearby blind. The sporting aspects of that seem to escape me.)

  • Stuff Christians Like has turned into my new favorite blog, although I detest the writer, Jon Acuff, because he's so talented and funny, and, really, nobody likes those people. But you should read his advice on "Trying to find a new church," especially if the one time you visited my personal church there was someone dancing with a snake. That was an anomaly. Really. It's usually an iguana.

  • In closing, this morning on The Today Show, during a report on the plane crash that took the life of former Alaskan senator Ted Stevens and several others, the reporter told us that "...accidents are a way of life in Alaska." Finally...a cogent explanation for Levi Johnston!


Hey Eric. Good to see something at the Fire Ant Gazzeetttee. Keys keeeep stticcking. Anyway, There's no sport in sitting in a blind. I only hunt for food I need so anymore that's at a grocery store. I am a fan of bow hunting as it does require more skill than trying to stay awake as you hunker in a deer blind. To hunt for the pleasure of killing doesn't sit well with me. Now that I've upset all your readers I'll leave and let you deal with the angry comments.

I've never understood hunting or fishing since I moved here from Colorado. It's way different. It's probably different in Colorado now too.

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