Tattooed Teachers

Semi-interesting post over at the Freakonomics blog about the possibility that college professors who have tattoos could be more successful than their non-ink-stained counterparts.

I'm pretty skeptical about the relevance of the study cited in the post, as are most of the commenters. If nothing else, showing male undergrads photos of tattooed female models* is, frankly, a really dumb idea if you're trying to assess anything other than libido. But, perhaps I'm not giving the students enough credit.

I was almost able to type that last sentence with a straight face.

*I readily admit that tattooed models are not equally attractive. For example, compare this to this.


"Was that a callipygous tattoo?" -- good times!

I probably don't need to remind you that I was quoting someone. In fact, I just told my family that story a few days ago. Complete with non-existent Texas accent. There was riotous laughter.

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