Evil in Martin County

Yesterday, someone shot and killed Bob and Cherie Westbrook's dog. Another dog is missing, and feared dead.

Many thoughts come to mind, not the least of which is a reminder of the cruelty some people are capable of.


Good grief! I don't even know what to say.

People think that we are a bit odd of allowing our 2 large canine friends ( golden and lab mix) to run the house as humans would, but I have always thought... why should we expose our best friends to the elements and to the possibility of a kid with a B-B gun with a penchant of malice to do them harm.

If anyone should happen to drop by the ole castle they will be snoozing away on the floor or loveseat living a life they believe is their inate right.

What man is capable of doing doesn't surprise me anymore. Such souls will be judge one day for their actions.

Here's another example -- never ceases to amaze me how many "crazies" are out there. Another good reason to have a CWP, who knows what might push this guy over the edge and cause him to direct his evil intentions towards you.

"A Butte family spent the weekend grieving after their dog was decapitated and its head thrown at them by another camper at a campsite near Bernice.

John Sullivan said that his 4-year-old chocolate lab, Gunner, was killed on Sept 3 after his parents, Mike and Brenda Sullivan of Butte, took him along with them for a holiday weekend camping trip. The dog's head, severed by a chainsaw, was thrown at the couple on that Saturday afternoon by a man in an orange pickup who also shouted expletives as he drove by, he said.

Jefferson County Sheriff Craig Doolittle confirmed Sullivan's story, calling the incident "a first" in his law enforcement experience."



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