The Dangers of Having Gifted Friends

Norman Johnson is a local cartoonist, illustrator, and artist. His work is familiar to most folks in the Midland/Odessa area, whether or not they know its source. Norman is also a gifted caricaturist, and his friends (or, as he would put it, his rapidly-dwindling supply of friends) are frequent subjects. Debbie and I (and even other family members) have fallen into his artistic cross hairs on more than one occasion; below is an example of one he sent me last night.


While I must protest certain inaccuracies in this image - I haven't ridden a conventional bicycle in more than a decade, being now of the recumbent persuasion, and toe-clips are soooo 1998 - I do appreciate Norman's generosity in providing me with more hair than is strictly realistic. I'm still trying to figure out the Aqua Velva in the water bottle, though.

Don't be surprised if parts of this eventually appear as my Facebook profile picture.


Love it! The calf muscles are my favorite part. ;-)

Oh yes, there's only one reason to watch the Tour de Pants. Well, two, but I prefer the legs. ;-)

What? No helmet?

Eric, except for the lack of perspiration, it is a great rendition.

Norman is such a generous soul with his God gifted talent to his friends and institutions of higher learning. No telling how many wonderful causes that Norman has contributed bono.

For the past two football seasons, Norman has brought back The Lil' General or Reb as some might say on a limited basis on our facebook page for Rebel Alumni. It is such an honor to have a Toon Legend Illustrator much in the same vein as Dirk West to contribute to the cause.

Norman's style is never malcious as he pokes fun at others as well as himself. I had suggested a few themes for the Reb this year, however my type of humor borders on the lines of Coyote/Roadrunner or the old Mad Magazine staple...Spy vs Spy. Somehow Norman is able to find the fun side of humor that no matter which side of the line you draw your team, you are bound to muster a chuckle or two.

Not bad for a Fort Stockton Panther. ;)

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