Turning Eight

Of all the made-up words that accompanied the advent of blogging, "blogiversary" is the most unwieldy and nonsensical...and yet I can't think of another one to use while announcing that today the Fire Ant Gazette turns eight years old.

In many ways, Facebook (and to a lesser extent, Twitter) has brought blogging to its knees, but a few of us hardy souls are committed to keep making buggy whips, if only for the sheer joy of creation. And to the few remaining of you faithful readers who keep encouraging us, please accept our thanks!


Eric, as long as you write, I will continue to read.
Keep up the good work.

Happy Blogiversary! Here's to 8 more (at least!).

Happy Blogiversary, Eric!

There's only so much that can be said in 140 characters. Keep up the blogging!

Hey, how about us faithful readers who occasionally DIScourage you? We have had our disagreements over the years ... though I am, and will remain, a faithful reader ... and, I hope, an actual as well as virtual friend.

Happy blogiversary, Eric!

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