Death by Facebook?

Photo - Headstone

OK, we're not quite there yet, but if I don't get some motivation pretty soon, I might have to get out the old chisel and start working on this headstone.


I'd sorely miss the Random Thursday posts!

For what it's worth, I'd miss you too. Even if I do see you on FB.

I know of wherefor you speak. Streams was much neglected anyway, but my photo blog was actively updated. But now with FB it's harder to keep up with photos too. Sad. I'm sure this is the same thing my Grandmother faced when radio replaced the family reading hour.

Please add me to the list of people who enjoy reading the Gazette. FB is a pain - probably because I don't know how to use it properly - but still...


Say it isn't so. There's a place for good bloggers even with Facebook. Maybe the Reporter-Telegram can help bring attention to those good bloggers in Midland.

No, no.....I can't access Facebook at work!! Besides, I've decided to avoid that particular "social" network when I realized my "friends" weren't realy "friends".

Boo! No, don't do it!

We'll take you anyway we can get you but I do enjoy your Gazette blogs, plus I drink from the Gazette cup every morning!

You're always on the cutting edge, and maybe that's at least part of what drives you to move on. But what will replace Facebook?

I hope the Gazette sticks around, but damn, that sure is a nice tombstone!

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