Programming Note - Part 2

Barnes & Nobel's free wifi has worked well and I've been able to get caught up on the most pressing client requests, but if I have to keep coming up here to get work done, I'm going to be vibrating like a tuning fork due to a caffeine/sugar overload. I don't believe in taking their wifi services without buying something, but I can drink only so much coffee and eat only so many scones in order to justify taking up a table.

I realize that I don't have to eat/drink what I purchase, but that doesn't sit well either. Think of all the sleepy, hungry web designers in China who would love to have access to the B&N cornucopia.

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Locally, you could go to....McDonalds. (Nah.) Or, to Wendy's. (Nah.) You can go to Avis Lube, but someone would probably try to sell you a filter because yours is only slightly dirty.

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