Programming Note

If you're wondering if I've once again fallen off the blogging wagon, don't get your hopes up...I'm just dealing with a dead internet connection at home, and it won't be resolved until around noon tomorrow. 

I'm not sure what Suddenlink did, but they apparently caused some fairly widespread service outages Monday night and Tuesday. For most people, a simple rebooting of their modems restored their internet service, but mine refused to awaken from its forced slumber. The Suddenlink tech went through his checklist and was unable to fix the problem remotely, so we had to schedule a house call (which, apparently, I have to pay for, even though they caused the problem; however, through a convoluted series of moves and countermoves, it appears the fee will be waived and we'll actually end up with a lower monthly cable bill. The federal government could take lessons from Suddenlink when it comes to tortuous rules.). 

I'm making do at home with my iPad and a 3G connection (which also costs money), but despite assurances by Apple to the contrary, the iPad is NOT a replacement for a real computer, at least not in my line of work. There's a whole post about its shortcomings for web design work, but I'll spare you that. I will say that our investment in external keyboards has been a lifesaver. In any event, I'm setting out shortly with laptop in hand to look for a wifi hotspot so I can at least stay just a little behind in my work. Posting will resume at the Gazette once I'm back online in my office. 

Thanks for your patience; I wish I could say I'll make it worth your while, but that would be overreaching on my part.

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