Random Thursday - The EOY Edition

Welcome to the last (yay!) Random Thursday post of 2010. Unfortunately, while I tried to save the best for last, that plan didn't work out so well, as you'll soon see. Nevertheless, we lunge forward through the fog...

  • 2011 might seem like a pretty lame number for a year - it's not a round number, and no ancient civilizations have predicted the end of the world, as far as I know, next year - but consider this: it's the last year in which the sum of the last three digits equal the first digit until, um, the year 3003. So, it's got that going for it. I hope you'll treat 2011 with a bit more respect now. [Update - 12 hours later: Well, I was hoping that someone would read this post critically point out the error in this part. So far, no such luck.]

  • What do Barfy Scorpion, Kooly the Bear, and Howie the Dawg have in common? They provide cautionary evidence of the dangers of mixing Photoshop with mass quantities of psychotropic drugs. Visit True American Dog for confirmation.

  • I confess that one of the side effects of getting involved with ballroom dancing is the need to pay more attention to how I dress. I don't mean to imply that I'm dressing any better; I'm just more aware of my sartorial shortcomings. But I'm trying to do better, and I figure there's no better role model than James Bond. The Suits of James Bond is not only a great primer on how to dress as if you have a License To Kill, but it's yet another cautionary tale of what can happen to bloggers if they fail to medicate their OCD.

  • I've now used "cautionary" twice (no, now THRICE) in this post. Did you notice?

  • At first glance (no pun intended), Word Lens appears to be a really cool and valuable iPhone app, because it allows you to point your camera at a sign in Spanish and it gives you an instant onscreen English translation (it also goes the other direction). I think it would break down in actual use, however, as it might be tough to convince people to carry a Sharpie and poster board and write their instructions in big letters when directing you to the nearest bathroom in Cozumel. Just sayin'. (Link via Neatorama)

  • I know the networks need the revenue to stay in business, but next to political ads during election season, is there a more annoying period for television than the year-end ads for new car sales? Could we just get a quick headcount of those who received (or gave) a new Jaguar (pronounced "jag-you-are," by the way) or Lexus for Christmas? I think mine is still backordered.

  • I did once see an Audi TT coupe being delivered by FedEx. But it wasn't at Christmas, so I figure it was either a birthday present for a spoiled teenager, or a "gee, dear, I really messed up and I hope this little token makes it all better" gift from a desperate husband.

  • The Midland Central Appraisal District continues its ill-advised quest to get in-transit crude oil taxed, as it has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court after failing at the local and state level. The MCAD's attorney has the expected argument: It would be an advantage for certainly the citizens and the community and local governmental bodies for as much property as possible to be taxable. There's so much wrong with that philosophy that it's hard to know where to start. Suffice it to say that the TEA Party's rise to prominence has been fueled by similar statements. My prediction is that the Supreme Court will either refuse to hear the case, or will rule in favor of the owners of the crude oil.
I hope you're as excited about the upcoming new year as I am. I pledge to you to never try to exceed your expectations, a pledge I've thus far never failed to deliver on. No need to thank me; it's what I do.


Let me add my two cents worth of annoyance in regards to end of year telly ads. I know that these companies have a vested interest in projecting their best face, but I am rather tired of watching Humana and AARP battle it out for the Med Part D business. I shouldn't be since I am a pharmacist, but I don't care how great your coverage or card is, walking down a sandy West Coast beach flouting your Medical I.D. Card has gotten to the point of being obnoxious and rather boring. Try filming that same ad in a scenic vista such as...Notrees Texas.

So, 2020 gets no love? Or are you banking on the world ending in 2012 rendering the entire discussion theoretical anyway.

Sorry to take 12 hours, been a busy day around here.

And 2101, for that matter.

I look forward to looking at more of your work.

It may not be as pervasive as I think Eric. Maybe it is because our flat screen is for the most part, set on FoxNews. Tunnel vision I'm sure.

....and you are correct about end of year deals at your local car lot. Frankly, I could do without the salesman twirling a pen between his fingers a little bit less. Maybe it's jealously rearly its ugly head. My fingers are stubby like my grandpa's.

I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts over the past year. You have provided a portal that stretches out to the PineyWoods of East Texas that give an old West Texas Boy a peek back home. Besides that , someone that gives Norman a tug on the ole chain is okay in my book. ;)

Have a Blessed and Healthy 2011 Mr. Eric.
The journey continues.

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