Traffic Light Sync System on Holiday?

Dear City of Midland,

I guess I missed part of the description of the $1.8 million of our money you paid for the new traffic light synchronization system, the part where that is a recurring annual fee rather than a one-time payment. I infer that's the case because you've apparently failed to renew the system for the new year, based on my experience earlier today of driving north on Garfield Street and hitting five out of six possible red lights. Big Spring Street seems similarly afflicted.

I'm pretty sure I speak for many Midland drivers when I suggest that you need to read the fine print on the next light synchronization system you acquire, and make sure you've actually bought it, instead of just renting it. You might have those guys in the Planning Division look it over for you; I suspect they're paying a lot more attention to details nowadays.

Your pal,



Talked to a person with the city today. The program actually will be expanded, and she said the cost is accurate. We will be following up on your post.

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