Random Thursday - The Truncated Edition

Gotta lotta stuff about to happen, so here are just a few things that caught my eye lately:

  • The 33.3 Art Show features the re-imagination by 33 designers (plus one child, hence the .3) of various album covers from back when vinyl king. Most of the designers are from the American Heartland - Iowa and Kansas and Oklahoma - with a smattering of more exotic locales thrown in.

  • We've been searching for something to mount on a rather large expanse of bare wall in our dining area. This has great appeal to me, but *someone* seems to be a bit narrow-minded and has vetoed it.

  • At first glance, the Pogoplug Pro seems to be a must-have device for sharing large files across the 'net without using a service like Dropbox or Box.net. But, frankly, the user reviews haven't been kind. Any Gazette readers tried it?

  • I don't have one of the new square versions of the iPod nano, but it would almost be worth buying one just to get one of these wrist bands that let it do double duty as a watch.

  • And, last but certainly not least, which of these is different from the others: Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Janet Jackson, Keith Urban, Clay Walker, and Jason Aldean. Well, according to the organizers of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, absolutely nothing, because they've all been booked to perform during the two-week run. I can't even come up with a good joke about which rodeo event is Jackson's favorite.

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Eric, re: "something to mount on a rather large expanse of bare wall," I agree with you ... but a *someone* of my own agrees with your own *someone* :-(

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