Restoring the historical archives

When I redesigned and "re-purposed" the Fire Ant Gazette in mid-2009, I deleted all posts dating back to inception - November, 2002. While I don't remember the exact number of articles I'd posted during that seven year period, I think it was around 3,800, and I felt that most of them would not be missed.

Lately, however, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic and have been selectively restoring some of those old posts. I wanted primarily to restore some of the book reviews I've done over the years (check the Reading & Writing archive category to find those that I deemed worthy of re-introducing), but I also ran across some additional "notable" posts, including:

My biggest regret is that I couldn't import the many comments from readers that accompanied most of these posts (Abbye's post had more than fifty, left by kind-hearted, sympathetic folks).

This process has also been a reminder of why I started blogging in the first place, and the terrible mistake I made when I decided for reasons that are no longer clear to me (or sane, for that matter) that I was going to start over and do it in a format and in a style that didn't encourage feedback. I forgot how much fun we had.

I think the best days of the Gazette are gone and can't be recovered. Too many things have changed in the way we use the web and social media, and I apparently no longer have the discipline - or, perhaps, the skill - to foment discussions like we had in "the good old days." Eh, it is what it is, right?

But, for whatever it's worth, this exercise has rekindled an enthusiasm for the Gazette, and I hope that I can bring some increased energy to these virtual pages. Who knows? Maybe this Facebook fad will blow over and blogs will become the next big thing. ;-)


I was happy to see the return of Fire Ant posts simply because I am entertained by what (and how) you write. There are a great many blogs with political opinions and gripes. I already have political opinions and gripes and don't feel the need to read anyone elses. (Is elses a word?) When I read, I want to be entertained, and you, sir, do a fine job of, that. (I like commas.) Thanks

/looks down to navel
/need Ritalin
/me. not you
/well, maybe you, too.

Eric, thanks for the memories ... and thanks for the memories-to-come, too.

I have to say how much I enjoy your writing. Reading your farewell to Abbye also gave my eyes "allergies", your stories about her were so much fun. In the past two months, I have had to say "farewell" to both of my furry companions of 14 years. It will probably take more than two years for me not to tear up when remembering them.

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