Super Bowl Live-Blogging

Against my better judgment, the Gazette will once more be the scene of uninformed opinion and inexpert commentary regarding just about everything related to the Super Bowl. You're invited to join in with your insights, as we select the best and worst TV ads for the year.

Tune in around kick-off, assuming I'm up from my nap by then.


Eric, on behalf of the Steeler Nation, Tall City Chapter, I will also be live-blogging the Super Bowl. I'll be sure to link to Gazette posts as they come up.

Live-blogging the Super Bowl is something I do only when my beloved Black-and-Gold is playing. That infrequent exercise has given me tremendous respect for those of you who do it regularly. I tip my Terrible Towel to you, sir.

Go Packers!

Go Packers! (just to neutralize Jeff's double post)

Really though, I just hope for a good close game. I'm just in it for the food. And as I've stated elsewhere, my ad vote is already committed to the kid with the Force.

Leave a comment. It makes us happy.

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