Random Thursday

Some triviata while wondering about the real difference between a prank call and outright lying to get an interview.

  • I wrote last week about "investing" in a venture via KickStarter that will produce a stylus cap to use with devices with capacitive touch screens. I'm pleased to report that the project has been fully funded (over-funded, in fact) and is moving into the "refinement" phase. If all goes well, the product should enter the manufacturing phase in April, and ship beginning in late April or early May. It's fascinating to follow the progress of an idea from conception to sales.

  • A logical extension of the KickStarter concept would be to allow ordinary people to become venture capitalists on a micro scale. As it stands, "backers" are repaid with product at reduced prices, but don't share in any profits. It would be a logistical challenge, but I wonder how the dynamics of the backer concept might change if the rewards for backing a concept were tied more directly to the commercial success of the project?

  • I link regularly to Seth Godin's articles, because doing so makes me look smarter. Here's another insightful look at the way the web has changed a fundamental aspect of society: Asymmetrical mass favors, a tragedy of our commons. And here's his next-day follow-up, describing the flip side: the asymmetrical gift.

  • Say, is it OK for Christians to curse?

  • I linked to the following video via Facebook yesterday but I think it's worth sharing here. It's a brief look into the workday of a Foley artist - the creative types who come up with sound effects to match the action on a movie screen. (And, for the record, the reality isn't all that far removed from Monty Python's Holy Grail shtick.) [Link via Neatorama]

  • One of the frequent requests I get from clients is to add copyright notices to their websites. It's a common misconception that such notices are required in order to have an enforceable copyright, but in fact such a notice is not required under US law. Here's a great article, written in layman's terms, that clears up some other common misunderstanding about copyrights.

  • I've swum with sharks, with rays, with turtles, with barracuda, with moray eels, and with porpoises, but never with a coelacanth. I like fish that grin.

  • Wow. Just, wow.

  • Got a new wireless laser printer this week, replacing my almost-eight-years old HP Laserjet. There's nothing wrong with the HP, but it needs a new toner cartridge, which is around $120. The new printer, a Brother HL-2270DW, was a whopping $94 plus shipping. Sort of a no-brainer. I may do a more complete review on it if I find time, but I'm overall quite happy with it, despite a couple of quirks.

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