Rattlesnake Dreams

Debbie and I both dreamed about rattlesnakes last night.

In my dream, one chased me as I was walking [home?] from [somewhere?] at [night?]. (I don't always remember the details of my dreams with precise clarity.)
Artist's Rendering
Artist's Rendering
In a fit of terrified intrepidness, I jumped and grabbed a limb of a convenient live oak tree and hung off the limb, laughing as the snake snarled [really? a snarling snake?] at my foiling of his nefarious plan. Uh, then he climbed the tree.

Oh, crap. Just what I need...a tree-climbing rattlesnake with a bad attitude. Did I mention it was about ten feet long?

Fortunately, while he was navigating the trunk and limbs to seek me out, I dropped back to the ground and made my escape, leaving him to fume in futility. [Normally at this point in my dreams, I'm on roller blades, and I rock.] The dream went on and eventually incorporated mockingbirds and small children with inattentive parents, but you get the gist.

I know that sounds pretty traumatic, but I think Debbie's was worse. In hers, someone from her company's HR department gave her a bag containing a live rattlesnake. Now, some of you might not find that at all surprising.

I would be more sympathetic to her plight, but she confessed that she took it home and then worried about how to keep it from biting her. [I suggest she listen to Al Wilson's "The Snake" for guidance in any future similar situations.]

I just thought you'd like to know. Two rattlesnake dreams in one night. Life is funny, sometimes.


The good news you were fully clothed and you did'nt run like your feet were in quicksand.

That drawing is just full of win. But, if I have snake dreams tonight I will hold you responsible.

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